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Monday, 27 February 2017

Please tell me about any open-air cinema screenings you know of in London

Every year I create a big list of all known (to me, I'm certain I must miss some) open-air cinema screenings in London.

Here's last year's:  Open Air Cinema Screenings in London 2016

I do this by trawling known purveyors of outdoor films, listed below - let us heap praise upon their names - and by googling, and serendipity. Also lovely people sometimes tell me about stuff they've heard of and marvellous Dave from Pop Up Screens always sends me a note, and sometimes a rather handy spreadsheet listing all films, dates and locations.

If you do the publicity for anyone or any organisation that is likely to screen such films please add me to your press list thingy ( Just a note to 'look at this page, we've published our films and more will be added soon' will do but if you happen to have an easily copy and pastable list then that makes things easier. But given that I enjoy hunting for films so much I don't care if you stick them in a non-OCR* PDF and I have to type them out by hand. Sometimes you'll have a mixture of films in London and elsewhere, or a mix of outdoor and non-outdoor - just send them all over and I'll prune out the ones for my list.

Over the last couple of years we've also had (honestly I get so excited just thinking about it) the newer London Free Film Festivals, with several sub-film festivals happening in different bits of London such as Deptford & New Cross, Camberwell. Other than the obviously free 'free film festivals' some of the other films are free too, though most aren't. Some film events are quite event-y and cost a bit more, but you get all sorts of exciting add-ons. I will cheerfully list them all :)

Here's where I look first (not all organisations screen films every year, some are one-offs but I keep them there in case they return) -

• Backyard Cinema (Camden Market) - (
• BFI at the British Museum - no link yet (a couple of years ago I saw A Room With A View in the courtyard at the British Museum which was lovely)
• BP Big Screens (Royal Opera and Royal Ballet) -
• Experience Cinema (from Rooftop Film Club) - (
• Floating Cinema -
• Free Film Festival (London) -
• Herne Hill Free Film Festival -
• Kew the Movies -
• The Luna Cinema -
• More London (Scoop) - and London Bridge City Summer Festival!film/a94rd
• New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival -
• The Nomad Cinema - - London outdoor screenings and also
interesting indoor venues (
• Open Air Theatre (Regent's Park) -
• Pop Up Screens - (
• Rooftop Film Club - (4 venues - Bussey Building, Peckham;
Queen of Hoxton, Shoreditch; Roof East, Stratford, Roof Gardens, Kensington) and Tobacco Dock
• Shuffle Festival -
• Somerset House - ( 4-17 Aug 2016
• Tudor Barn Eltham -
• Underground Film Club (from Rooftop Film Club) -

*Optical Character Recognition - the sorcery that allows some scanned PDFs to be queried textually rather than as a picture.