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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Organisations: typing /jobs at the end of your homepage should take visitors straight to your vacancies page

Please add a /jobs redirect to your website, if necessary
Please arrange things (or ask your web person to do it) so that anyone typing /jobs at the end of your homepage will automatically be redirected to wherever you keep information about job vacancies on your site.
It would make me happy if /jobs was the industry standard, then any visitor to your site has only to type 5 characters and the enter key to see if you have jobs available.

There are plenty of suggestions and instructions

• saves people having to navigate to see where you've hidden your vacancies page
• saves them having to type jobs, job vacancies, vacancies, recruitment, employment, work for us, work with us, careers or opportunities into your search bar

• if you move your vacancies page you'd need to remember to set up a redirect again 

Grab your job vacancies bonus points
  • Don't make site visitors log in to see your job vacancies
  • Let each job vacancy have its own URL so that people can share a direct link via email and social media, rather than suggesting that they search using the job's ID code
  • Consider if the skills you want need to be phrased as 'essential' or if you can show that the job encourages learning
  • If you'll accept two people working part-time on the job, say so in the advert
  • Be explicit about the salary, use numbers 
  • If your organisation is very small with low turnover then I'd still recommend considering a static jobs page with information about the roles and skills of your staff and why they like working there

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

This is an ancient blog yet I still get requests to post other people's content ;)

It's definitely calmed down a lot since the heyday of people sending me requests seemingly very frequently but I'm surprised it still happens. I'd have thought I'd have spoken to everyone by now ;)

I don't pay for posts nor accept payment for them; I don't do affiliate link or marketing and I won't mention your company (or link to it) because you've asked.

On 2 July I was emailed by someone offering me an 'interesting proposition' (ie getting a post on my site) - I said 'no' so was quite surprised to receive an identical email today (below) with 'Paid Posting' as its new subject line.

Of course it's up to you if you want to promote other people's stuff on your site (this is how influencers make money I suppose) but it's not for me, and I'd already said so.

So here's me posting the request here as an example. To others ;)

(Note that I'm in the UK and if I were to accept payment for an advertorial type of post I'd be breaking the Advertising Standards Authority's regulations on sponsored adverts - this is why you see things like #ad and #spon on social media posts).



I am interested in posting on your blog I need to know 5 things in advance before I include your site in my offer:

1. Final and flat best rates per post.
2. Type of links (dofollow or nofollow).
3. Do you add disclosures/sponsored tags or you can avoid this?
4. Apart from regular clients sometimes I have gambling/adult or marijuana-related clients. Do you also allow links from such niches and at what rate?
5. Do you offer an Instagram brand mention? If yes, what is the price for post mention and story?

Payments are sorted in 7+ business days after posting via PayPal unless else is pre-agreed.

If you run other sites in any niche and language feel free to share with the above info.

I receive 3000+ orders monthly from different clients in all niches. The volume of orders does not depend personally on me; you will receive an order for your site in case any client selects your site for their campaign. I hope you can understand.

Looking forward to working with you!


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