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Saturday, 25 July 2020

Organisations: typing /jobs at the end of your homepage should take visitors straight to your vacancies page

Please add a /jobs redirect to your website, if necessary
Please arrange things (or ask your web person to do it) so that anyone typing /jobs at the end of your homepage will automatically be redirected to wherever you keep information about job vacancies on your site.
It would make me happy if /jobs was the industry standard, then any visitor to your site has only to type 5 characters and the enter key to see if you have jobs available.

There are plenty of suggestions and instructions

• saves people having to navigate to see where you've hidden your vacancies page
• saves them having to type jobs, job vacancies, vacancies, recruitment, employment, work for us, work with us, careers or opportunities into your search bar

• if you move your vacancies page you'd need to remember to set up a redirect again 

Grab your job vacancies bonus points
  • Don't make site visitors log in to see your job vacancies
  • Let each job vacancy have its own URL so that people can share a direct link via email and social media, rather than suggesting that they search using the job's ID code
  • Consider if the skills you want need to be phrased as 'essential' or if you can show that the job encourages learning
  • If you'll accept two people working part-time on the job, say so in the advert
  • Be explicit about the salary, use numbers 
  • If your organisation is very small with low turnover then I'd still recommend considering a static jobs page with information about the roles and skills of your staff and why they like working there

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