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All of my 'how to' posts are tagged here. The most popular posts are about blocking and private accounts on Twitter, also the science communication jobs list. None of the science or medical information I might post to this blog should be taken as medical advice (I'm not medically trained).

Think of this blog as a sort of nursery for my half-baked ideas hence 'stuff that occurs to me'.

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Blog stats

26 December 2019
Full details of previous blog stats information can be found here

31 December 2015
The year hasn't ended quite yet but in the New Year I'll update this page with the 2015 blog stats. As 11 of the 12 months have already finished I've written up the numbers for the year so far, here: Blog stats for this blog part 6.

2 January 2015
Latest blog stats are here

Update 2 January 2013, for end of 2013
Blogger stats
October - 37,909
November - 40,738
December - 43,733 visits
Whole year - not possible to get this info other than estimating that it's about a third of the Google Analytics whole year visits.

Google Analytics stats
October - 11,156 visits
November - 11,399 visits
December - 11,416 visits
Whole year - 145,366 visits

As you can see, Blogger stats are vastly inflated (~3x) compared with Google Analytics (still no real idea why).

This bit written in April 2013
According to Blogger this blog gets around 40,000 hits per month, which is somewhat unlikely since the figure given by Google Analytics is considerably lower. Puzzlingly Google owns both Blogger and Analytics.

My understanding of the ways in which Google counts visitors and pageviews has improved since writing the first of these three posts, although it's still a bit of an occult art.

I post these stats because I'm intrigued by them and because someone might be nosey and want to know. I don't know how my stats match up to the 'average' blog though. My blog is about too many things to really be much of a serious thing - most blogs are 'about' something, mine is a delightful chaotic mess.

Almost all (90%) of my visitors arrive through search engine searches and my bounce rate is exceptionally high. A high bounce rate is not generally thought of as a good thing though and if I was trying to sell something it would be pretty disatrous - it means that people arrive on a page and leave straight after reading it, as opposed to having a wander around other pages. The other way to look at it of course is that my pithy writings (largely about 'how to do something techy') answer their question quickly and they leave, perfectly satisfied.

Currently (according to Google Blogger) March 2013 brought almost 43,000 visitors and a few days before the end of this month (April 2013) it's up at 37,000. Weirdly I get almost the same number of hits each day, not sure if there's some sort of averaging going on in the algorithms or if it's genuinely real-time.

As at 25 April 2013

By contrast, statistics at Google Analytics are a little more sober.
  • March 2013 brought 11,160 visitors whose eyes saw 13,957 pages.
  • March 2012 was 2,118 visitors looking at 3,378 pages - and considerably more of them were repeat visitors. Probably the number of repeat visitors hasn't changed a huge deal but their percentage has plummeted as the overall number of casual one-time visitors has increased.
  • March 2011 had 2,697 visitors viewing 4,621 pages.
I had 362 unique visitors on 20 March 2013, 74 on 20.3.2012 and 81 the previous year.

Since my Google Analytics records began (May 2010, hence no 'March 2010') 120,855 unique visitors to my blog have looked at pages 176,358 times. Yet the 'page views counter' widget right at the bottom of this blog reports that there have been over 441,000 visits (as of 25 April 2013).

I am delighted, amused and baffled that my blog has had a gradual increase in numbers of visitors (I think it's tailed off now, will be interesting to see if it drops down again). In among the guff that I write about random thoughts there is actually some quite useful information about how to wrangle Twitter and Word, and skeptical activism, so I'm glad bits of it are getting found. To be honest most of it is there to remind me how to do something when I need to do it again ;)

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