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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Puzzling inability to access wifi - hoping it's short lived

Neither my Acer Aspire One notebook nor my iPhone can connect to my wifi. In the case of the iPhone it persists in asking for the password, I put it in, it connects, a few seconds later it boots me off and asks again. With the notebook it connects by itself as and when it feels like and the connection persists for a few minutes. When I try and refresh the available wireless networks it fails to spot my Home Hub.

When I connect the cable up to the notebook the speed is fine (8mbps) and all works well, but it's a bit annoying being tethered.

Things that have changed recently are that I've signed up to something or other with BT that means my Broadband speed might increase, so possibly they are 'doing something' with my line. I happened to be out overnight earlier in the week so switched off the home hub for about 36 hours, can't imagine that's made any difference as I've done this before.

There's also been at least one Windows update in the last week which is a lot more likely, from previous experience, to muck things up.

I'm not sure if I should try and do anything - watching and waiting might be the better option at the moment.

Kind friends have suggested I tweak the channel on my wifi card - I've actually no idea how to do this and, in a rare Google fail, I've not found the instructions. But I'm not sure that tweaking my laptop will help as I'd also have to do something to my iPhone and I've really no idea how to configure that.

During the five minutes or so in which I've written this post I've had the pop ups telling me that I'm connected with an excellent signal and then telling me that it cannot connect to my preferred network.

Immensely frustrating!

HomeHub-related suggestions most welcome.


  1. If it's a BT HomeHub, then it should be straightforward to change the channel number. Don't you have a BT help desktop icon? Alternatively, log into the modem/router (usually at You can access the help there. There are several different user interfaces, but you should be able to work your way through it - there is also a troubleshooting section.

  2. oooh ta :-) Wish me luck, I'm going in!


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