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Monday, 19 July 2010

PACT data - very small blogpost for @Tiamat_R and @amcunningham

Prescribing Analysis and Cost Tabulation (PACT data), 2008, for the four nations. Presumably there's 2009 data but this is what I came across.

General prescribing information
NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care.
PACT Data for England.

NHS Northern Ireland.
PACT Data for Northern Ireland.

NHS Scotland.
PACT Data for Scotland.

NHS Wales.
PACT Data for Wales.

Diabetes-specific prescribing data
Prescribing for Diabetes in England: Supplement - January 2002 to March 2009

Publication date September 15, 2009
which is a supplement taking account of data up to March 2009 and published in September 2009.

Prescribing for Diabetes in England – An Update 2002-2008
An analysis of volume, expenditure and trends.
Publication date June 2009

Prescribing for Diabetes in England
An analysis of volume, expenditure and trends
November 2007

Prescribing for Diabetes in England - Interactive Map
(Revised version June 2009)
or jump straight there

General diabetes stats info, for the UK
Diabetes Community Health Profiles

"The Diabetes Community Health Profiles bring together a wide range of data on
diabetes in adults into a single source for the purposes of benchmarking. The
tool allows you to download a diabetes profile for each PCT in England.

In order to locate the PCT profile you require please select a Strategic
Health Authority from the dropdown list. The tool will then generate a list of
PCTs within that Strategic Health Authority."
YHPHO*: Diabetes A-Z (rather useful)
*(Yorkshire & Public Health Observatory - I pronounce it yiffo myself...)

Diabetes Data Directory
Signposting to data sources relevant to diabetes.

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