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Monday, 13 September 2010

Trying out the new (to me) Google Blogger stats tab

Edit: The pictures didn't come out at all (bitmaps) so have added them manually and had to resize them up, sadly this has blurred them almost to the point of uselessness.


Trying the post-to-Blogger function that Ive apparently set up on my blog

I am quite enjoying this new Stats button that has recently appeared, or I only recently spotted, in the Blogger dashboard. After being amazed at how many more people than I would possibly imagine were interested in the ScicommJobs Posterous (in that Id not expect more than a couple of hundred people to click on any one job advert but some of them have amassed almost 2,000 hits) I decided, in May this year, to add Google Analytics to my blog. It delights me to find that occasionally my blog gets read it doesnt surprise me at all that the most popular page is the Science Communication Jobs Vacancies pages.

Anyway here are a couple of snapshots from my Blogger stats (not the Google Analytics, which seem to give a separate set of information although Im not sure how that works).

The first one shows the number of page views in a month but includes every single page view ie if someone is on your site and returns to the page etc. It seems no-one looked at my blog very much in May though, or the system wasnt working too well ;-)

The second one shows the times of day when people do or dont visit the blog

If your blog has vastly more hits than mine I hope you wont laugh too much, and if yours has less than mine I hope you dont think Im showing off I just thought it was interesting. Since this blog is more of a personal and somewhat random diary of occasional sensible things mixed with blethers Im delighted that anyone looks at all :-)

The y axis at the top goes up to 4,000 and the second one to 60.

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