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Friday, 3 June 2011

14 sleeps until Homeopathy Awareness Week UK on sleeplessness

From 14 to 21 June the Society of Homeopaths (and presumably other homeopaths and homeopathic societies) will be promoting UK Homeopathy Awareness Week 2011. Not that long ago the world had World Homeopathy Awareness Week, or 'WHAW', and I like to imagine that people became a tiny bit more aware of this silliness.

The topic of 'HAW 2011' is sleeplessness and the promotion of the idea that homeopathy can help with this. I think SOH have scored a bit of an own goal though because the 'research evidence' they've posted on their website does not seem to include this, published by the Homeopathy Research Institute (hat tip @lecanardnoir) which says:
"Homeopaths often treat insomnia, however, there is currently a lack of high-quality sufficiently powered studies assessing the effectiveness of either homeopathic medicines or treatment by a homeopath for this condition. There is a need for further well-conducted clinical trials of treatment by a homeopath in order to examine fully the clinical and cost effectiveness of the therapeutic system of homeopathy in the management of insomnia. This evidence will enable patients, clinicians and healthcare commissioners/insurers to make informed decisions regarding the homeopathic treatment of insomnia."
They're also pushing a new website directory, called 'Let people choose', which will contain searchable details of local homeopaths (hopefully everyone participating in this has checked their content against the ASA's advice for what claims can be made on their website, otherwise this might just serve to flag up homeopaths making misleading claims). This directory seems like a good strategy when you don't have any good evidence.

I read an interesting blog post yesterday which highlighted that "homeopathy is a talking therapy reinforced by placebo" which I thought was a nice way of putting it. Given that the pills are a bit of an unnecessary crutch I'm suggesting that homeopaths 'ditch the stabilisers' and carry on with being nice and supportive to their patients - the pills are just a red herring really.

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  1. Ah, drafted this a couple of days ago but added to it just now after reading something interesting yesterday... forgot to change the title ;)

    TWELVE sleeps to HAW! :)


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