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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Blackbird Pie is a tool to let you embed a tweet in a blogpost while maintaining active links

Shortened link for this post is

EDIT: In my enthusiasm to share this new tool I forgot to mention where I found the info from - which was Mashable, and they knew about it over a year ago!

I'm trying out the Blackbird Pie twitter media tool which lets you take the URL of a single tweet and 'bake it' into an embeddable version which should appear below. The links are maintained.

Blackbird Pie 'baked tweet':

Some of you use one or more tools to embed tweets in blog posts, making tweets look nice. What are these tools please? Thank you :)
So what other tools are available that do something like this? This one is quite interesting as you can edit the various bits of it - I've moved things to sit on separate lines for aesthetics but here's how it is when unedited:

Some of you use one or more tools to embed tweets in blog posts, making tweets look nice. What are these tools please? Thank you :)less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply
A few more example of these kinds of tools and I'll have something to add to the currently emptyish B3.3 section on my list of tools for finding or capturing tweets.

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  1. Interesting, although perhaps not surprising - the first embedded tweet looked wrong in the editing window so I tweaked it, whereas the second one also looked wrong but I didn't edit it to show the difference. As it turns out, it doesn't matter if it looks wrong in the editing window because it looks fine in the final version, and I should have left the tweaking alone ;)


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