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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to stop Word 2007 / 2010 (y’know, ‘new’ Word) capitalising words.

  • File » Options, click on Proofing, then AutoCorrect Options... button
  • In the new window make sure there ISN'T a tick next to "Capitalize first letter of sentences".
  • Adjust other options to taste then OK, and OK again to dismiss final window.
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I’ve been using ‘new’ Word for ages and find it pretty intuitive but today I found that I wanted it to stop capitalising the first letter of a word in a list (every damn time I press space or enter – maddening!)

In the old days it was Tools » fiddle about with the Options / Autocorrect options, but of course there doesn’t seem to be a Tools toolbar to hand. Anyway, I’ve found that it’s in the File tab.

This is a tab that’s always confused me. I’m currently in ‘Home’ but File is the one that’s highlighted blue.. anyway, if you click on File it will bring up a window in which you can do other stuff (I’d much prefer this to have been a floating dialogue window as it used to be but…). Lurking towards the bottom of the left hand side of the menu is Options – it’s all in there – see instructions above.

Seriously I’ve only just spotted that…

I wrote this bit first and then realised that people might just want the how-to rather than the me-bleating so put it at the top.

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  1. I've worked out that the reason I've found the change to later versions of Word so painless and intuitive is simply because I use keyboard shortcuts for almost everything and they haven't changed so I never notice.

    When there's something I want to alter that doesn't have a keyboard shortcut (or I don't know it) then I'm all at sea.


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