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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Social media brand sentiment analytics for charities etc - free 4mth beta test via @cbanalytics

Conflict of interest disclaimer:
I know and work with the people who make this product. However I am not going to benefit personally from telling you about this clever techy thing that they have made :)


Update 8 November 2011: Chatterbox Analytics features briefly in an article in The Times called "Intel supercomputer to aid start-ups in East London" (subscription required). You can read a snippet at QMUL's news page.


If you want to find out what people are saying about your brand you might be pleased to know that Chatterbox Analytics (@cbanalytics, Facebook page) is offering a free four month tryout - for you to get some info about what sorts of discussions are going on via Twitter and Facebook etc and for them to get data on refining the system.

I can't pretend to understand much more than that but if phrases like this...

"The Chatterbox service combines a simple to use front-end browser with a powerhouse back-end analytics system to effectively identify key opinion drivers within the dynamic community who are talking about your brand, combining this with drill-down statistics on message content."

...make sense then this might be for you, and you can sign up for free.

I work in the same office (in the School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary, University of London) as one of the people behind this, Stuart Battersby, and he says he's more than happy to meet up with organisations and demo the system to them. I've also had a play on my iPhone with his Sentimental iPhone app (I know people who've made an iPhone app!! ). He and Matthew Purver have been working on Chatterbox Analytics and Matt's in the office along the corridor.

Given that charities are not looking to spend money at the moment but might find the data useful anyway, in return for a bit of feedback, then I thought I'd pimp this towards my charity chums. Other business are using it too of course, but I have my charity head on this evening.

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