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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Burzynski is not going to be in Birmingham after all

The last time there was something newsworthy about Dr Burzynski and his unlikely cancer claims lots of science and skeptic bloggers (including me) wrote a variety of posts on the topic which were corralled together by Josephine Jones. Ever since there has been a gradual but continual trickle of posts and tweets adding to the volume.

I suspect, and I might be wrong, that the more blog posts there are highlighting the strangeness of (and seeming lack of good evidence for) Dr Burzynski's claims the more likely they are to show up in Google when people search for it (I think it's a bit more complicated than just numbers and the blogs probably need to be fairly prominent too)... but anyway it's worth a try.

So this post says nothing new, it merely adds its voice to all the other posts - I suppose it's kind of a 'bulking agent'.
  • Apparently Dr Burzynski was due to speak at a cancer convention in Birmingham, UK.
  • He's now decided against it, as referenced on the convention site - the reason they give is that he wants to prevent the people behind the convention from experiencing the same 'attacks' that he's experienced though I can't help wondering if he also suspects that some skeptics will be there, monitoring the situation.
  • I heard about his change of mind through @lecanardnoir and @_JosephineJones
  • I wrote this post that you're reading right now.
And why are his cancer claims unlikely? Both Cancer Research UK and the surgical oncologist Dr David Gorski have really good explanations of that.

See also Burzynski Cancer Clinic which links to Rhys Morgan's post outlining his treatment by the people behind the clinic (not in the 'treating' cancer sense but in the threatening a schoolboy who wrote about them sense).

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