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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Today's brilliant or crap idea - random monthly magazine subscriptions

I had an idea and need to put it somewhere, in the hope that someone more enterprising than me makes it happen or tells me that it already exists. Or, as my dad suggested, doesn't do it at all.

You can be in a wine club type of thing and each month (or quarter or however these things work) they send you a different wine. I don't think they just send you the same type of wine but a more recent version of it.

With monthly subscriptions to magazines mean you get the next issue of the same magazine.

How about a magazine subscription that lets you try out different magazines. You could say you're interested in science or history and the publisher could send you a different magazine each month. Or, for the more adventurous magazine subscriber (!) you could opt for potluck.

I suggested this to my dad and he pointed out that it's a fairly crap idea because it costs more to post the magazines than it does to print them but even so how would anyone know how many extra to print. My reply that there would probably be magazines left over didn't impress either - then you'd be sending out old magazines. Ah well. I'm sure someone could do something sensible with it...

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