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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What would you recommend for email discussion groups with filesharing capabilities - Google Groups?

I am helping to do some admin for our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course in Computer Science for Teachers at QMUL. As this is the last week the students are keen to keep in touch and share resources, either links or files.

Probably Google Groups is the most straightforward as it satisfies these criteria (I believe):
  • it's free
  • no-one needs to download anything to use it
  • anyone can be invited even if they don't have a Gmail address
  • everyone can store files there (or is it just the group admin?)

Does anyone know differently? And would anyone suggest Yahoo Groups or other groups instead?

Thanks :)

Rejected tools include
LinkedIn - don't think you can share files (?)
Facebook - dear god it's just awful, you can share photos though and there's some limited filesharing
Twitter - bit too public, crap for filesharing unless Dropbox is used or things like that

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