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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Blackheath, Hampstead and Richmond Scientific Societies - are there others?

I know of the Blackheath Scientific Society, the Hampstead Scientific Society and the Richmond Scientific Society. They all put on evening talks, generally once a month, in what I think many would agree are lovely parts of town - there must be more scientific societies like this in London? I don't mean societies for professional bodies but more for local enjoyment of science, or pleasant disagreement depending on the talk under discussion.

Science Cookie Break
Science cookies taken by Flickr user Ryan Somma (ideonexus), at Science Online 2011

Here are the talks lists for the three societies and links to find out more.

Blackheath Scientific Society
These take place on Friday at 7.45pm in Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, SE3 7SE

18 October 2013
Dr Lewis Dartnell, University College, London
Many organic molecules exist in space; they probably contributed to life on earth.

15 November 2013
Conservation - Knole in Flux
Ms Emily Watts, MA, House steward, Knole / Ms Sioban Barratt, Conservator
A project for External Repairs and to provide an on-site Conservation Studio.

20 December 2013
AGM and Members Evening
Short Talks and Exhibits of Scientific Interest Members

17 January 2013
Damascus Steel
 Mr Owen Bush
Reviving the ancient art of handmaking Steel Swords.

21 February 2014
Eels and the Thames:
Mr Darryl Clifton-Dey
Their numbers have drastically declined and are being monitored to find out why to be able to improve their lot.

21 March 2014
Advances in Dentistry
Dr Dharaka Nathan

11 April 2014
Firefighting in Tall Buildings
Mr Adam Carter, London Fire Brigade

16 May 2014

Im Wissenschaftszug Science-Express in Halle(Saale)
Im Wissenshaftszug Science-Express in Halle (Saale) taken by Flickr user gynti_46

Hampstead Scientific Society
These take place on Thursdays at 8.15pm in a church, St John at Hampstead, Church Row (head for The Crypt Room), NW3 6UU - I love the hand-drawn maps on this page, they remind me of the maps of the village that Milly-Molly-Mandy lived in, in the books I enjoyed as a child.

19 September 2013
Water in the universe
Prof. Jonathan Tennyson (University College London)

17 October 2013
How well do you know your pet?
Miss Ezat Luba Yomtovian, BVet Med MRCVS (Veterinary Surgeon and Behaviour Consultant)

21 November 2013
HIV - How, why, when and where?
Prof. Dorothy Crawford (University of Edinburgh)

12 December 2013
The Higgs Particle
Prof. Jonathan Butterworth (University College London, ATLAS, CERN)

16 January 2014
The impact of lasers on the world
Professor Stephen Sweeney (University of Surrey)

20 February 2014
Hybrid and hydrogen powered cars
Professor Richard Bucknall (University College London)
20 March 2014
The star-crossed stone: the Archaeology, Mythology and Folk Lore of the Fossil Sea Urchin
Dr Ken McNamara (Director, Sedgwick Museum, University of Cambridge)

17 April 2014
Can you make yourself invisible?
Dr Akram Alomainy (Queen Mary, University of London)

15 May 2014
The Working Brain
Prof. Steve Swithenby (Open University)

26 June 2014
8:00 pm
AGM: Wine and Cheese £zzz + scientific entertainment

It starts 15 mins earlier for more drinking and eating cheese, which seems very sensible :)

Anu Frank-Lawale (right) and a VIMS student (left) discuss the graphic facilitation that Julie Stuart did during the communicating science panel. ©Will Sweatt/VASG
People discussing the results of a communicating science panel, photo taken by Flickr user Virginia Sea Grant

Richmond Scientific Society
These take place on Mondays at 8pm in the Vestry House, 21 Paradise Road, TW9 1SA.

11 September 2013
Atmospheric measurements from small airborne platforms
Dr Keri Nicoll - University of Reading

2 October 2013
The story of noise
Preceded by the Annual General Meeting. Wine & Nibbles after the talk.
Dr Mike Goldsmith - science writer

23 October 2013
3D photography from 1841 to the present: an illustrated talk
Colin Metherell - Stereoscopic Society

13 November 2013
A growing problem - invasive pests of plants in Britain
Dr Andrew Halstead - Royal Horticultural Society entomologist (retired)

11 December 2013
Dinosaur sociality: crests, colours and signalling
(Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles)
Dr David Hone - Queen Mary, University of London

22 January 2014
Life histories & evolution in Hawaiian lepidoptera
Dr Michael de Podesta - National Physical Laboratory

19 February 2014
How do you know what the temperature is?
Dr Michael de Podesta - National Physical Laboratory

19 March 2014
Lecture for National Science Week
Materials for fusion power
Prof Steve Roberts - University of Oxford

16 April 2014
Fracking in the United Kingdom
Prof Peter Simpson - Imperial College London

14 May 2014
(to be announced)

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