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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Do you or your organisation produce patient information for children and young people?

The Patient Information Forum (PiF) is updating its guide to producing information for children and young people and needs examples of information that has been written for children and young people and input from the people who put it together.

This might be information from NHS providers, or it might be something that a patient charity produces. I know that Diabetes UK has produced a variety of information for children directly (ie the child reads it) as well as info for parents and ideas on how to broach certain topics with teenagers at appropriate times. I'm sure other medical research and other health charities do too.

If I was working in a health charity I'd be bugging colleagues so that we could get involved, but since I'm not I'm having to live vicariously through you :) Go and share your information.

This sounds pretty good, no?
"The Patient Information Forum is reviewing and updating its Guide to producing health information for children and young people. The Guide features information about involving and working with children, choosing the right formats, communicating health information effectively and the policy context.  It also features case studies from information producers, showcasing their work."
If it does sound good to you, head over to PiF's page... Updating the PiF guide to producing information for children and young people – your input needed!

They're on Twitter as @pifonline

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