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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Twitter dot com is now embedding tweet links (and so are some phone apps) - looks nice but best for single tweets

This post is really only for Twitter completists interested in its changing appearance / interfaces.

Twitter's changed the way it displays tweets on the desktop version (and apparently on some of the third party smartphone / tablet apps too) where you include the address of another tweet. Here's what a tweet used to look like if it included a link to another tweet (the bit that says ""). You had to click on the link to see what it said.

Here's what that tweet looks like now - you no longer have to click on it to see what I originally said. I've displayed it both as a screenshot and an embedded tweet because - obviously - Twitter keeps changing how stuff looks (hence this post!) so I thought it was best to capture it as I saw it.

(1) screenshot

(2) embedded

To find the original copy of this tweet I searched for from:jobrodie samuelfurse, the tweet actually looked 'old style' in the list of tweets that resulted, and when I clicked on it (which makes it expand to show the conversation). When I clicked on its address (click on the timestamp) to open it up in its own window it changed to the new embed style.

This tweet is over a year old but tweets sent more recently no longer even show the but miss out the address entirely, the embedded picture of the tweet is clickable and goes to the tweet's page.

Here's me trying to see how many tweets can be embedded within it ;)

(1) Screenshot

(2) embedded

Where Twitter shows the URL and the picture (as above) only the picture appears to be clickable, the address seems to have stopped working. This isn't really a problem if only one tweet is included because you just click on the picture but if more than one tweet-link is included only one will be accessible to the reader.

Apparently it works fine on smartphone apps but if you're trying to read it on desktop Twitter it might be a bit fiddly. You don't seem to be able to right-click / open in new tab - hopefully this is a temporary glitch.

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