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Monday, 15 September 2014

For people who work in public health / health & social care and who are also cyclists

Below is an email sent to members of CHAIN (Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network for people working in health and social care which includes NHS but also lots of other things) announcing the creation of a new special interest group for public health folk who are interested in cycling.

If this sounds like your thing contact CHAIN (details below) and see if it is :)

They're also on Twitter - @CHAIN_Network

I discovered CHAIN several years ago through reading an earlier edition of Trisha Greenhalgh's 'How to read a paper' book.

Addition: 16 September 2014
There is a Cycling and Society mailing list on Jiscmail and just this week there was the Cycling & Society annual symposium (#cssncl).

Cycling for Health & Wellbeing - New Special Interest Group launched (target group: public health)

On 4th September, (which was Cycle to Work Day in the UK), we launched a new special interest group focusing on cycling as a means of promoting health and well-being. The aim of the group is to enable those of us who are enthusiastic about the potential of cycling to contribute to health and well-being to share relevant experience, resources and intelligence. It will also create the possibility of members collaborating on projects or bids for funding relevant research.

As a CHAIN member who has indicated your interest in Public Health, you are invited to join the new sub-group. Should you wish to do so, simply reply to this message with the words YES PLEASE.

We are also keen to identify several people who would be willing to contribute their enthusiasm in a small way to the new special interest group. This is not demanding, but would simply involve keeping an eye on the topic and alerting us to relevant developments or opportunities that you come across. We will use this information to circulate targeted messages as appropriate. Anyone interested in the possibility of helping the new special interest group in this way should e-mail: to arrange a phone conversation.

We look forward to welcoming many recipients of this message into the new special interest group, and to supporting a vibrant and hopefully valuable new component within the wider CHAIN network.

Best regards,

The CHAIN Team

PS. By all means share this message with any of your colleagues or students whom you think may be interested. Those who are not already members of CHAIN are welcome to join, and if they contact us at we will send them the appropriate link. Thanks!


CHAIN Manager

CHAIN - Contact, Help, Advice and Information Network – is an online international network for people working in health and social care. For more information on CHAIN and joining the network please visit website:

Follow CHAIN on Twitter: @CHAIN_Network ; Find us on Facebook; Connect with CHAIN on LinkedIn

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