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Thursday, 12 March 2015

In honour of Terry Pratchett I am renaming my "It's probably in here" box to "We had one once but the bit you unscrew fell off and got lost"

Lifehacker would have liked my mum. She instituted the "It's probably in here" box a few years ago and filled it with fuses, odd screws, batteries and other random household things that didn't really fit anywhere in our own home taxonomy. It was an immediate hit in the Brodie household and I have continued the tradition with a box of my own (a shoe box, currently sitting on a bookshelf).

I've added one of my favourite Terry Pratchett quotes to the side of the box (in a pen that I found inside it which is nearly running out of ink). It comes from Witches Abroad and was said by Old Mother Dismass, though no-one knew what she was talking about :)

"We had one once but the bit you unscrew fell off and got lost" - I feel this captures the contents of the box very well.

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