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Monday, 27 June 2016

On the Isles of Scilly (for one day only) - day trip to Scilly part three

Part One: Overnight sleeper Paddington to Penzance, and back again
Part Two: Day trip to the Isles of Scilly (well, one of them) on the Scillonian III ferry from Penzance
Part Three: (this post) 

Isles if Scilly visit 24 June 2016, St Mary's

I arrived on Friday lunchtime in Scilly, thanks to the Scillonian III (see part two linked above) and the overnight sleeper train 'Night Riviera' (see part one linked above) with the intention of taking a small local boat to Tresco to see its lovely Abbey Gardens. Then I saw the arrangement for getting on to the small boat and thought "hell no" as it involved clambering down some steps without a proper handrail. Noooo. I am too scared.

Isles if Scilly visit 24 June 2016, St Mary's
The whole arrangement was a bit too 'leap of faith' for me I'm afraid. Lovely boat anyway.

The internet told me that the birds on the island are really tame and brought some bird seed with me in case they might like to feed from my hand. Nope. They're tame enough not to fly off if you encounter them, and they'll fly quite close to you, but they won't (or didn't in my case) land on me. The birds at Blackheath pond will benefit instead.

My Plan B was to head up to the airport and see some of the little aircraft at close quarters.

Isles if Scilly visit 24 June 2016, St Mary's
Footpath leading up to the airport where small planes take off and land

It's probably only a 40 minute walk from St Mary's harbour but I kept wandering off to photograph things and explore other bits, it was all rather lovely.

Isles if Scilly visit 24 June 2016, St Mary's

I managed to make it to the top of the footpath (above) but for obvious reasons couldn't get any closer to the runway. Had I stayed up there another ten minutes I'd have seen a tiny little plane take off but I might have had to duck.

Isles if Scilly visit 24 June 2016, St Mary's

Should have taken sun tan lotion and sunglasses. It was very hot and exposed and I'm a now a fetching shade of British Tourist Pink. The weather was actually spectacular, and it really hadn't been when I'd arrived in Penzance (drizzle).

If it's worked, the rest of the pictures should be below in a sort of carousel, if not here are the Scilly pics I took.

Isles of Scilly - St Mary's - 24 June 2016

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