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Friday, 12 August 2016

Lovely plant-related talks at Kew Gardens - the KMIS lectures season

I've been attending the KMIS (Kew Mutual Improvement Society) lectures for a few years now. They take place in the Jodrell Lecture theatre (near Kew Bridge and The Botanist pub) and there's something lovely, genteel and other-worldly about them. Perhaps it's the lecture theatre, or the history. Anyway I recommend them and they're £2 each. Sometimes they have 'items of interest' before the lecture in which anyone can give a short presentation about something plant-related that's interested them. Bit like parish notices.

For some reason they publish the KMIS lecture programme as a PDF rather than an HTML page. More information about the series can be found here too.
On Twitter - @Kewlectures email:

How much / when / where
£2 / lecture starts at 6pm, Jodrell Lecture Theatre (entrance on Google view), Kew

26 September 2016
‘Keeping every cog and wheel – How can botanic gardens conserve all plant diversity for future generations?’
Dr. Paul Smith (Secretary General BGCI)

3 October 2016
‘Confessions of a show gardener’
David Domoney (Broadcaster, Writer and Show Gardener)

10 October 2016
‘Californian native flora – The wonder of Calochortus’
Solène Dequiret (Kew Diploma Student)

‘Living tree sculpture in the USA’
Joe Clements (Kew Diploma Student)

17 October 2016
‘The relocation & development of the University of Bristol Botanic Garden’
Nicholas Wray (Curator University Botanic Garden Bristol)

24 October 2016
‘Exploring Australian botanic gardens and plants in the wild’
Nicola Lloyd (Kew Diploma Student)

‘A botanical excursion to North and South India exploring the flora and its medicinal plants
Anna-Lena Tack (Kew Diploma Student)

31 October 2016
‘Ancient oaks in the English landscape
Aljos Farjon (Kew’s Conifer Specialist)

7 November 2016
‘Education at Longwood Gardens – A continuum of learning’
Dr. Doug Needham (Director of Education)

14 November 2016
‘An illustrated tale of another Royal Botanic Garden: RBG Melbourne’
Richard Barley (Director of Horticulture RBG, Kew)

21 November 2016
‘Q and A session with; Head Gardener of the American Ambassadors House, London – Horticulture with diplomacy’
Stephen Crisp (Head Gardener Winfield House)

28 November 2016
‘Conservation in action- British Virgin Islands’
Miranda Janatka (Kew Diploma Student)

‘Ecuador, from the jungle to the Andes’
Mathew Rees (Kew Diploma Student)

5 December 2016
‘Acorns as food in human history: Myth or Reality?’
Béatrice Chassé (Plant Hunter)

12 December 2016
‘What do we mean by ‘natural’ planting?’ Fundraising lecture: £8 entry £4 students/staff
Dr. Noel Kingsbury (Garden Designer)

9 January 2017
‘Botanic gardens in Central Honshu, Japan’
Misako Kasahara (Kew Diploma Student)

‘Bhutan, the last paradise’
Christopher Brown (Kew Diploma Student)

16 January 2017
‘Small bulbs in the winter garden - snowdrops and more’
Dr. John Grimshaw (Director Yorkshire Arboretum)

23 January 2017
‘No dig abundance; fewer weeds, save time’
Charles Dowding (Writer and Vegetable Grower)

30 January 2017
‘Collecting in the mountains of northern Vietnam’
Bleddyn Wynn Jones (Crûg Farm Nursery)

6 February 2017
‘Is the nutrition in crops declining?’ - Fundraising lecture: £8 entry £4 students/staff
James Wong (Ethnobotanist, TV Presenter)

13 February 2017
‘Adventures in gardening’
Andy McIndoe (Consultant, Lecturer and Author)

20 February 2017
‘In search of hidden treasures in the woodland garden’
John Anderson (Keeper of the Gardens, Crown Estate, Windsor)

27 February 2017
‘Wisley - A new chapter for the RHS flagship garden’
Matthew Pottage (Curator RHS, Wisley)

MARCH 2017
6 March 2017
‘Rubus - wild raspberries and blackberries’
Barry Clarke (Botanist, Hillier Gardens)

13 March 2017
‘Remnants of the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest’
Will Spoelstra (Kew Diploma Student)

‘A desert in bloom – Journey through the Western Cape’
Tom Pickering (Kew Diploma Student)

20 March 2017
‘Placemaking and planting’ - Fundrasing lecture: £8 entry £4 students/staff
Tom Stuart-Smith (Landscape Architect, Designer)

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