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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Cancer Act 1939 convictions in the UK - part two

In 2014 I wrote a very, very long detailed post about all the known-to-me convictions under the UK's  Cancer Act 1939 for which I could find information (see Cancer Act 1939 convictions on the UK).

I'm not aware of any new cases since then, other than Jerry Sargeant's from September 2017. There's not a great deal of information about his court case. An article from The Metro from 20 September, when he appeared in court, indicated sentencing would happen later that day but another article in the Daily Mail said that sentencing had been due on the day but would now happen on 8 November 2017, so not long to wait. Mr Sargeant is currently filling Twitter in a memely fashion with inspiring 'aphorisms' stuck on images of space.

Backing up a little bit to Summer last year we had Noel Edmonds making some odd claims on Twitter about a box and a mat which could, he felt, help with cancer. Not too surprisingly he received rather a strong response from pretty much everyone, for making misleading health claims. He didn't help his case much when someone with cancer challenged him and he replied that perhaps that person's negative attitude was why they had cancer. Oof.

Anyway, Tom Scott made this video about Why you can't advertise cancer cures in Britain, below. It's pretty clear, please don't do that.

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