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Friday, 16 March 2018

You can watch some science-themed films at the Royal Albert Hall this year

As part of the RAH's inaugural Festival of Science: Space (5 May to 10 July 2018) there are several film screenings happening - along with a whole bunch of other science-related events. You can "explore Space through a series of concerts, talks, screenings and comedy events for space and sci-fi fans young and old."
  • Wall-E - Sunday 6 May (Elgar Room)
  • Science behind the movies with Roberto Trotta - Saturday 2 June (Gallery)
  • Star Trek Live - Saturday 2 June (Auditorium) - Michael Giacchino's fantastic score performed live by a massive orchestra while watching the film. Awesome.
  • Moomins and the Comet (live re-score) - Sunday 3 June (Elgar Room)
  • Star Men - Sunday 24 June (Elgar Room) + talk with astronomer Donald Lyndon Bell
The Royal Observatory in Greenwich has a planetarium which also hosts science-themed films. There's a lot of it about :)

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