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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Library of Things - borrow household stuff as well as books

Libraries of Things are community-run projects which let people borrow community-owned items for a small fee, for a week or so. Items can include musical instruments, camping equipment, household tools (drills, waffle-makers), arts and crafts and whatever the community makes available.

Inspired by @MooseAllain's post about a local project in Frome :) I looked for a directory and didn't find one so this is the next best thing. 

Google is full of suggestions, I just picked a few - another good way to find more is to do an image search for Library of Things and click on the different logos. Also search Twitter.

Community fridges (avoid wasting food within use by date)
Frome has a Community Fridge and Brixton has a People's Fridge

Libraries of Things
Library of Things - Crystal Palace / Upper Norwood

Share Frome

Borrow Don't Buy - Plymouth

Local Tool lending library - worldwide

Pimlico Toy Library

Oxford Library of Things (coming soon, as of Nov 2017)
from Low Carbon West Oxford (see also Facebook)

Guildford Library of Things (opened June 2018)

Cardiff, Wales
Benthyg -

Dublin Library of Things

United States
Brighton, MI - Library of Things

Capital Area District, Lansing, MI - Library of Things

Hillsboro, Oregon - Library of Things

Connetquot Public Library, Bohemia, New York (electronics / hardware)

Ann Arbor District Library - Unusual Things to Borrow

Kitchener, Ontario - Library of Things

Repair cafes

Restart Project

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