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Friday, 26 April 2019

Slightly strange ICC Cricket emails from ExAccess Group

Seeing Action Fraud's tweet just now "Looking for tickets to the Men's Cricket World Cup? They can only be purchased directly from the official ticket website: Tickets for sale on other platforms may not be genuine and could leave you out of pocket" reminded me that I'd meant to post something about emails I received on the topic a few weeks ago.

I've no interest in cricket (or watching sport generally) and wouldn't use my work email address to sign up to anything like that so was a bit surprised to get this email on 8 March 2019.

"Subject: England vs Australia - ICC Cricket World Cup - Last Table

Good afternoon,

I have a note to keep you posted on any Cricket deals that come up and I was just wondering on your plans for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

We've just had a private table for 10 guests with full hospitality come in for the sold out England  vs Australia fixture taking place at Lords on Tuesday 25th June 2019.

We can offer you this private table for just £599 per person (+VAT).

Package includes:

  • A Q&A session with former international cricketers
  • Unique views of the players’ practice area
  • Breakfast, three-course lunch and afternoon tea
  • Complimentary drinks, including Champagne
  • Lower Mound Stand or Lower Grand Stand seats (Category 1)
  • Match day programme

Sample itinerary:
  • 9.00am Gates open, breakfast is served
  • 10.30am Play starts
  • 2.00pm Three-course lunch with selected fine wines and coffee
  • 2.45pm Play resumes
  • 6.15pm Scheduled close of play
  • 6.45pm Bar closes
  • 7.15pm Nursery Pavilion closes, guests depart

Demand for hospitality at the World Cup has been unprecedented, with only a limited number of packages remaining available, so if you have an interest please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,"

The email ended with a name, phone number and link to the Exclusive Access Group website which you'll need to copy, paste and delete the ^ to visit: www^.exaccess^group.^

I asked why I'd been emailed as I'd never signed up and didn't hear back. Then I received an identical email on 18 March 2019 from another person working there. At which point I played along, indicated my interest and - of course - someone got back to me. They didn't know how my work adress had been added to their database but eventually promised it would be removed, though it took several emails until 10 April 2019. I also tried the phone number (020 7157 9511) but no-one answered. Perhaps they are a genuine company but it was an odd series of exchanges and when buying sports tickets I'd be extra cautious about where you buy them from.

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