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Monday, 7 December 2020

A packing list from 1979 for a girls' boarding school in England

From the vaults, a girls' boarding school, somewhere in England...

First the pictures, then the text... (mobile friendlier pics right at the end)

  1. Screenshots of the equipement list 
  2. The list, written out 
  3. Mobile friendly pics


2. The list, written out



(The list was divided into three columns ("No.", "ITEM" with the third column to tick when "Packed").

1    Green Gaberdine Raincoat (optional)
1     Green Regulation Blazer and Skirt
1     Green Regulation Skirt (2 pleated kilts for the Primary school)
1     Dressing Gown
1    Navy Cardigan
1     Green Cardigan
1    Green Regulation Pullover (Optional for Senior School)
1    Navy Kilt
1    House Sweater
3    Regulation Green Blouses (3 for Lower School and Primary)
2     White Aertex Shirts (3 for Lower School and Primary)
1    Pair Grey Woollen Gloves
1    Pair Games Gloves (not Primary)
1    School Tie
2    House Ties
1    Coloured House Cloak
2    Overall (long sleeves) (3 for Primary)
3    Pyjamas or Nightdresses
3    Vests
10    Cotton (boilable) linings
2    Petticoats (optional)
2    Brassieres
2    Linen Bags
1    Brush and Comb Bag
1    Sponge Bag
18     Handkerchiefs (or an adequate supply of paper tissues)
3    Pairs Nylon 30 Denier Tights (not Primary)
10    Pairs Knee Length Grey Socks
3    Pairs White Socks for Summer Games
1    Pair Regulation Brown Walking Shoes
1     Pair Regulation House Shoes (not Primary)
1     Pair Clarkes Sandals
1    Pair non-uniform Shoes (without high heels or platform soles)
1    Pair heel-less Bedroom Slippers (not mules)
1    Pair Lacrosse Boots (not Primary)
1    Track Suit (Optional) (not Primary)
1     Pair White Plimsolls (for Gym and Tennis)
1    Pair Black Plimsolls (for Netball)
1    Pair Gumboots
1    Rug, Eiderdown or Duvet

3    Regulation Green Gingham Cotton Dresses
1    Black Bathing Costume
1    Wrap or Large Towel (2 Towels for Lower School and Primary)
1    Bathing Cap (Senior and Lower School in House Colour, Primary in white)
3    Pairs Fawn Ankle Socks (Summer uniform only, Primary only)

2    Face Towels
2    Bath Towels - 58"x30"
1    Napkin Ring, clearly named

(Page 2)

1    Woollen Dress
2    Skirts, 2 Jerseys
1    Coloured Cardigan
2    Cotton Dresses
2    Cotton Briefs
2    Coloured Blouses
1    Anorak

1    Manicure Set
1     Music Case (flat, not folded) if learning a musical instrument.
1    Trunk with name in full on top and sides
1    Weekend case with name in full
1    Paintbox (optional, for free time use)
1    Lacrosse Stick (not Primary)
1    Tennis Racquet
8    Coat Hangers
1    Work Box with mending equipment
      Shoe Cleaning equipment
1    Duster, marked
1    Cm ruler
1    Protractor
1    Pair Compasses
1    Cartridge Pen       )
1    Set Coloured Pencils) Primary only
6    Fibre Tipped Pens   )
1    Set Square         )
1    Light, strong bag of suitable size for carrying books
      Supply of name tapes

The Little Oxford Dictionary published by Oxford Clarendon Press (not Primary)

A First Dictionary published by James Nesbit & Co, W.D. Wright (Primary only)

Good News Bible, hard cover, published by Collins/Fontana
Book of Common Prayer
Philips' New School Atlas, edited by Harold Fullgard, published by George Philip & Son Ltd


This is a complete list of equipment for the Summer and Winter, so that the things need not all be bought at the same time, but only as they are require (sic) according to season.

Please address all questions about clothing to the Wardrobe Matron. The school outfitter is... [name of school outfitter]

Every article must be marked with CASH'S NAME TAPES (these should be woven in black onto a white background with the initial of the girls' house in the right hand side (i.e. X for House X, Y for House Y etc) with the name in full. Brushes, combs and toothbrushes should be marked, and pens and watches engraved with initials or full name.



3. Mobile friendly pics


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