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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Online talks coming up this week (science heavy)

Lockdown has not interfered that much with my hobby of attending science talks - hooray. 

Here are a few coming up that I might well go to. 

Wednesday 31 March
Botany in 18th Century Cambridge: A first look inside the Martyn collection - 4pm - FREE  

•  Into the London Fog - 6.30pm - FREE

Thursday 1 April
Overloaded: how your brain chemicals influence your life - 12.30pm - ~£20 
 - from the Royal Institution (Eventbrite events)
Bats in Churches - 6.30pm - FREE 

Sunday 4 April
In Conversation with David Attenborough - 2pm - FREE 

Wednesday 7 April
RECOVERY trial, one year on - 9am - FREE 
Colonial Knowledges: Environment and Logistics in the Creation of Knowledge in British Colonies from 1750 to 1950 - 5-6pm - FREE
This one is fairly academic: "The effects of colonial power dynamics on knowledge creation in the long nineteenth century and beyond are well known and have become the foundation of a postcolonial reading of British scholarship in the context of empire. What has been less well examined are the practical effects of the colonial context on knowledge making. This seminar series seeks to explore how logistical and practical factors, such as the physical environment including climate and distance from the metropole, influenced the creation of both scientific and humanistic knowledge in British colonies."

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