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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Analogue Sound Workshop

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Update August 2016 - Ian runs bespoke analogue sound workshops for 2 people in his flat, for £55 per person

Last year I went on "Analogue Sound Workshop", a one-day course in Brighton, with Ian Helliwell (the tutor, who created The Tone Generation podcasts). We did all sorts of fun things like splicing 1/4 inch tape loops then playing them on an old tape machine and we also soldered a mini theremin kit.

One of the stranger things was drawing sound on a slightly wider 16mm tape by using patterns from Letraset / Letratone. The tape was threaded through a projector and the patterns (because of where we had positioned them on the tape) are able to create sound from an optical sensor. I think the best explanation of this might be this 2.4.10 Optical techniques which I found on Google books Sound synthesis and sampling.

We also prised open a walkie talkie and unearthed its circuit board, tinkering about on the metal contacts with a pin then once we liked the sound, soldering to make a new connection.

It was a lovely day, reminded me of the best sort of unhurried afternoons doing art projects at school. I'd highly recommend it.

There's one in November.

Analogue Sound Workshop
Ian Helliwell
A one-day practical session focussing on analogue electronic music techniques using hands on tools and equipment. Each student will make their own tape loops, draw sound onto 16mm film, build a Junior Theremin kit and creatively solder a walkie-talkie circuit. All materials provided. Course notes
8 November 2009, 11am-6pm
£90 full / £80 concessions

Noisemusic also sounds fun...

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