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Friday, 21 August 2009

Query about connecting iPhone to TV (via DVD...?)

Recently I spotted that there are two packs of AV cables for iPhones and iPods. One cable set is composite video, the other component video.

My TV (an old CRT - I made an audioboo of it humming) has only SCART and aerial sockets so I certainly can't use the cables to connect my iPhone to it.

However my DVD player has all manner of sockets which the cables would fit.

I suspect the answer is 'no' but is it possible to connect the iPhone to the TV indirectly using the DVD? (iPhone + AV cable => DVD player, + SCART => TV)

The reason I think it isn't possible is because it's not clear to me how the DVD would know to send the component cable inputs to the SCART and on to the TV...?

It's not that I particularly need to connect my iPhone to the TV it's just that I'm curious to see if it could be done this way.


  1. You can connect your i-phone to tv by follow these steps.
    Connect the AV cable to the Iphone and tv (not included with the iphone).. On the iphone go to settings and turn on tv out. Set the appropriate setting on the the tv (input). The iphone won't display everything on the tv just video through the Ipod player and videos on you tube.

  2. Could you watch net flecks that way? With my I phone through my dvd player? ?

  3. Hi Anonymous - I don't believe it's possible to use the DVD ports to mediate between the iPhone and the TV, no. However I've not tried it and don't know for sure. I might just have to find out ;)


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