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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Lewisham offers training in woo

Community Education Lewisham joins Greenwich Community College in selling courses in Hopi Ear Candles. It's also offering training in all manner of crap.

A Day with Crystals
' to choose, cleanse and dedicate crystals for everyday use. You will be introduced to the quartz family and master a self-healing technique."
£28, five hours (one day)

Astrology - an introduction
"Discover... how this insightful subject can be used for self discovery and personal growth."
£84, twelve hours (over four weeks)

Hopi Ear Candles
"This is a natural solution to ear syringing and is beneficial for conditions such as sinusitis, headaches and stress."
£28, five hours (there might be a lunch break in there too)

"Your iris is unique to you just like your fingerprints. With careful study... magnifying glass... you can be shown ways of maintaining and improving your health."
£42, six hours (two Saturday mornings).

When I read the bit about fingerprints I wondered if anyone has ever offered courses in diagnosing something or other from fingerprints. If not why not? Why do some things get co-opted into being woo and some things don't?

As far as I know most people think phrenology is bunk and there don't appear to be any courses on this topic in Lewisham or Greenwich. What differentiates phrenology from ear candling? Both are equally bunk-ish but ear candling is bringing in the cash and phrenology isn't.

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