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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sharing websites pictorially - how can I do this?

In Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari I can click on a button that will show me a grid view of the tabs I currently have open or my recently visited (favourite) websites, as below.

Microsoft Internet Explorer tabs (full size below)

Apple Safari recently visited / favourites (full size below)

I would like to be able to create a series of these pages, with different content, that can be shared with others.

For example
Incidentally, if I wanted to share my Safari favourites, or the IE tabs I had open is there an URL I could uncover that would let me do so? If not, that's the sort of thing I'm after...

I've previously had a play on Pageflakes believing that this service would let me do that but I didn't find it straightforward. It's certainly true that you don't have to restrict yourself to their presets and can put in pages of your choosing, however they all seem to be RSS newsfeeds - for updating purposes. I don't want this, I just want the homepages.

There is useful diabetes info here, but it's very text based, and it's just updates

I'm a big fan of the 'corporate ID' of a page - its logo, and the way it's set out and this is usually what cues me in to knowing that I'm on the right page! It's easy to see from the pictures above what pages are open when I took the screenshot.

My ideal system would let me input a number of links and it would automatically grab the homepage (the ones above are personalised to me cos I'm logged in) and produce a new page for me with miniature windows for each link already embedded. Something similar is which lets you input a series of links and it will give you a single link in return.

Visiting your new krunchd link will open a page containing a drop down menu with all your pages in and you can move through them, and each new page is presented within a frame. Example: (viewed over 670 times... ).

Is this something I could do on Google Wave if I had any clue how to create something on Wave, and also had access to it? Or does anyone know of something else that would work - I don't think Netvibes does this either.

Microsoft Internet Explorer tabs
Internet Explorer - view all tabs

Apple Safari recently visited / favourites
Safari - favourite pages - note orange circle


  1. Interesting question. I use as my homepage, you can embed whole pages onto a page but not snapshots. There are piles of add-ons but I haven't found one with live page updates. You could take a series of screen shorts and show them as a gallery (but this wouldn't be live). looks intriguing, potentially you could embed pageglimpse into netvibes.

    Other place to ask the question is

  2. There's a few resources out there which do more or less what you're after. Try all of them, see if there's one that works best for you. :)

    Netvibes, which allows you to create a link to a page which can be made available publically.

    Then you've got and LiveBinders and MuseumBox as well.

  3. David Bradley aka @Sciencebase has also suggested a few including:


    He suggested a few others but I seem to have misplaced them, oops.


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