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Friday, 1 January 2010

Krunchd - multiple URL crunching, a bit like TinyURL

Krunchd is a website that lets you take a bunch of URLs (up to 30 I think) and 'crunch' them into one URL for sharing (hat tip @PhilBradley).

I'm a fan.

It isn't perfect - I'd like the number of URLs you can add to be more than 30 but I expect there has to be a practical limit. I don't really like the mess which sometimes appears at the top of the page (see this example and I'd like to be able to 'reverse engineer' the list of URLs to excise them from the drop down menu... (eg from other people's Krunchd URLs) but apart from that it's really very useful.

The one below was created when I worked in the area of grant application reviewing. I kept a collection of online databases where I could find people working in related areas - it's one part PubMed to one part social media for scientists I think. There are many different ways of finding suitable reviewers, and I would use all of them at my disposal (knowledge of the field, suggestions from those in the field, serendipity, cited authors, Google, PubMed, in-house contacts databases etc).

Here's my collection which has been viewed nearly 800 times.

The drop down menu, enlarged:

If you think I've missed one, let me know @JoBrodie

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  1. You can also generate a url-shortener based on subject. check my project smrls - - it allows you to create a url shortener within seconds.

    i use it for instance to shorten my recepies: - tonight ill cook



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