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Thursday, 18 February 2010

#skepticmedia #singhBCA Simon Singh and BCA: audio/visual media roundup

Listening just now to #ScienceOnTrial (not available for Listen Again, for shame - EDIT: it appears that the audio is available over at YouTube in three parts, starting with Part One) I thought that a "page per case" might be in order, with a page listing available audio or video media relating to skeptical matters, pertinently #libelreform but other things too. I was helped in finding a couple of mp3 targets by the cache of this blog (the original blog seems to have gone, but that may be a consquence of WordPress pruning anything today that it finds alarming:
cached version:

This isn't going to be comprehensive, it's just me trawling Google for various permutations of words like "Simon Singh" BCA "listen again" listen mp3 podcast. I am happy for anyone to take the text below and magically turn it into a wiki sort of thing to which the skeptic posse can contribute and we can build up a resource of skeptic media er.. resources. Yes I'm afraid I do get these enthusiasms every now and again...

Bit in orange - now done:

I've not listened to all of these.

Interview with Simon Singh
Little Atoms
early May 2009

Libel, science, and the polypill
BMJ podcast
22 May 09
Includes section in which "Deborah Cohen talks to Simon Singh about the libel action against him, and what it means for science journalism".

Interview with Simon Singh
Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
3 June 2009
(Simon's interview is about halfway through)

Simon Singh: exclusive interview
Nature podcast extra
29 June 2009

Podcast #80 - Simon Singh
American Freethought
8 February 2010

Simon Singh, Libel Reform, Joanne Cash and Twitter Outrage
House of Comments
17 February 2010
Allen Green, who blogs as @JackOfKent, discusses the history and significance of the #singhBCA case as it relates to current libel law in England and Wales.


  1. it is on listen again/i player, im listening to it now

  2. Couple of minor edits.

    I meant not available as a podcast; you're right it would be available as a Listen Again. It also seems to be available as a series of YouTube 'videos'.


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