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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Graphic design and picture resources

On my trawls through the web for media services, medical illustrators, graphic design and medical (and other) images I have come across the following which I'm recording here mostly for me but I hope others find it useful too.

Creative Commons
Search.CreativeCommons - click on the tab you want, eg Flickr, type in what you want (when I just tried this they had a default search for flowers which demonstrates the system) and you'll be given a set of pictures that you can choose from. Were you to search for 'food processor' you'd find one of mine (Jodiepedia) which has been gratifyingly used on the web :)

You can of course search both Flickr and Wikipedia (Wikimedia) databases directly but this global search is much quicker.

Media Services or Medical Illustrators based in London universities

UCL Information Services Division: Creative design services

UCL Medical School: Medical Illustration (Royal Free Campus)

St George's University of London: Media Services

Medical Illustration UK Ltd
(based in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and the Charing Cross Hospital)

The latter two were found via the Institute of Medical Illustrators

Recommended on psci-com mailing list

Recommended on Twitter
Gareth at @Dot_Design, recommended by @imascientist

Crowdsource designers on the web (hat tip @mediaczar)

99 designs

A blog post comparing the two:

and how I heard about the crowdsourcing designers concept from @mediaczar
The Magic Bean Laboratory (see 'the brief' as well).

I used to do some freelance blurb-ing (generating 30 word precis and title from about-to-be published manuscripts) for BioMedCentral which included a bit of picture accessing and tweaking. As such the following websites are for medical images rather than general graphics - I've not included login details (it's private). You will have to judge for yourself whether an image or photo can be used.

Commercial and other
BioMed Central

Science Photo Library

Getty Images


Public health image library at the CDC
Most of the images are public domain. If the link randomly takes you to the Session Expired page, just click on the link to 're-establish'.

Wellcome Images

Science and Society Picture Library

Google - search for an image, and contact the people on whose page it is and see if you can use it.

iStock photo

Host and share your photos on the internet
A community of photographers

Thinkstock (formerly Ablestock)


  1. You worked for BioMed Central and didn't mention the Biology Image Library?! :P !!! Subscription based product but free trial available. All images ok for non-commercial use, some public domain, many Creative Commons, and some available for commercial use. See website for more details!

  2. Added :)

    To be fair the old link I had didn't work and I'd forgotten that Charlie (or someone else) had sent around a new list of BMC twitterstreams. Still, unforgiveable!

    Useful to have you added in there anyway - thanks for the extra details!


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