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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thinking about document management as well as content management and web development software

As part of my new role in the UCL Interaction Centre I'm working with colleagues there to develop a website for the newly begun CHI+MED project. Our current site is really just a placeholder but it has some basic information on what the project's about

It's an important project looking at ways of making medical devices safer by understanding more about how people use them in the real world (also from understanding how they use them in controlled settings).

We're thinking about ways in which we can share documents, both with the public (which can include healthcare professionals, patients, members of the general public, device designers, people who buy the devices for the NHS, other researchers in the field) as well as more internally with people working on the project directly (eg in-progress documents or even sensitive reports).

Possibly we want an intranet and an extranet (assuming I understand the terms correctly - intranet means only CHI+MEDers can access what's there, extranet is open to the public - and it should be possible to move draft docs from the intra- to extranet once ready).

It's possible that the website itself will be 'rendered' in Dreamweaver. UCL - where I am based - uses Silva which is an open source CMS, to develop its websites, however as our project is multi-site with research taking place in Swansea, City and QMUL we don't want to use something with a UCL 'look' to it, so we're looking at other options.

If the website is Dreamwoven then this may determine the types of Document Management Systems we can use, that will mesh well. Or we may have to look at other web software or Content Management Systems.

Wondering where I can get a better handle on this? Although I have found the pages on Wikipedia telling me what CMS and DMS mean and the types of software very interesting - but I don't know much about how all these things can slot together.

Content management system | List of content management systems
Document management system|
Adobe Dreamweaver (a web development application)

So many things on the web ;-)

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  1. I don't understand all the technical stuff but why not put a link to the docs on scribd like this:

    Scroll down to the 'onlin examples'
    These days I expect to see a link to where I can access a document! The other thing is that now there is integration between google scholar and our university library so that it gscholar shows me which papers I have access to. Is there a way of integrating that in some way?


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