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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Post for @garwboy

This post is non-canonical and is logically equivalent to Twitlonger except I decided to put it here :)

Some suggestions
ABSW has a Christmas party and might like to hear your amusing and entertaining stories, mind you if it's vastly critical of the media probably it won't go down awfully well given that it's the Association of British Science Writers (of which I'm a member).

The British Science Association (nee The BA) has an annual Science Communication Conference coming up in May - I don't know how much of the programme is in place but they do often end with a bit of entertainment after the final plenary. You could be that entertainment...

The Science Media Centre, based at the RI, hosts half-day sessions for scientists to hear more about working with the media. The purpose of these is to encourage scientists to get involved, and early on in their careers, and communicate their work via the media. If your stories include things about what not do to, that might work. I believe Wellcome may also host something similar, and possibly the Royal Society - but I might be wrong.

Cancer Research UK do their own in-house training for their own scientists in talking about the research that the scientists do and which Cancer Research UK fund - they may not need any further input but you can but ask.

You could ignore the media-mediator concept entirely and just go to the science departments in universities or to the professional societies and give them a presentation discouraging them from talking to the media - however I wouldn't seriously suggest this as being a good idea, and would actively discourage you from doing this myself, somewhat ironically.

I don't know of any publications that would be particularly interested in this, with the emphasis being 'I don't know' rather than implications that they wouldn't be interested. I'm guessing they wouldn't rush to publish stuff that might be a bit 'insulting' to them but depends how you're pitching your material.

That's all I can think of at this precise moment...

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