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Thursday, 23 December 2010

How to unsubscribe yourself from a JISCmail mailing list

The quickest way to unsubscribe from any JISC mailing list is to send an email to
with the message
unsubscribe LISTNAME

This instruction comes from the jiscmail FAQ

I think you can also send an email to with the message
unsubscribe listname --
(with the hyphens)

But you might not really want to unsubscribe...

On pretty much every mailing list I've been on someone will eventually send an 'unsubscribe' message to the entire list. This usually plays out with a few people explaining that they've sent the message to the list with others sending annoyed messages at the unfairness of it all. With all the bad feeling a few other people try and unsubscribe as well... and so on... but eventually it's all tidied up.

The next time this happens one of the mailing lists I subscribe to I shall point them to the jiscmail FAQ and this blog post!

I suspect that most people probably don't really want to unsubscribe, they just want to stop being annoyed by the endless loop of unproductive messages.

You can either send a message to the email address above instructing jiscmail to send you a digest of the posts (so you get one post per day for example) or you can suspend the sending of emails for a set time. The commands are:-

for a digest of messages
set listname digests (and to switch it off - set listname nodigests)

to suspend mail while on holiday
set listname nomail (to switch off - set listname mail)

Or, you can visit the homepage of your mailing list, which will have the following format

You'll need to log in with the email address you use for this mailing list - if you don't have a password for the JISC site you can create one.

Sometimes sending a message (by mistake) to the entire list can work anyway because the moderator will see it and delete you manually, but best not to rely on it in case they don't.

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