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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Just spotted that Radiolab lets you embed its podcasts / audio

Radiolab is my top favourite audio, Jad Abumrad is my favourite sound engineer / designer and I love the gleeful exploratory discussions between Jad and Robert Krulwich. I first discovered Radiolab after searching to see if there was such a thing as a podcast with Daniel Moerman. I'd recently discovered, and become quite smitten with, podcasts in general and was listening to quite a few science pods and ethnobotany ones - audio and video.

The reason I was prompted to search for Moerman podcasts was because he'd featured in a Bad Science column on placebo (he wrote a great book called Meaning, Medicine and the 'Placebo Effect' which I'd been given as a birthday present) and this took me by surprise because obviously it's an area I'm interested in, but I realised I'd already known his name from his work on the Native American Ethnobotany database and there was a bit of a lightbulb moment when I realised it was the same guy. Probably not that surprising given that he was talking about placebo, but... duh nonetheless, I'd not put two and two together.

He briefly features in the following episode of Radiolab, 'Placebo', the first I ever heard, and I can vividly remember listening to this for the first time and being hooked. The use of sound is incredible and I think the interview with Fabrizio Benedetti is one of the most delightful things ever committed to tape (or whatever it is that they use, I don't think it's tape).

The second podcast happens to be the second one I listened to - wonderful storytelling and interviewing of guests, beautifully intercut with snippets of lovely sounds. This one is 'Time'

Perhaps what I should do is add a Blogger sidebar widget that can handle javascript and let people browse posts other than this one without stopping the player when another page is visited...

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  1. I think the embedded player needs a link back to Radiolab, either to the podcast or to the homepage, and maybe a bit of self-advertising visuals :)

    See how fab the Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services embedded player is


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