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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Screencap video that I made about Google Realtime

UPDATE 7 July 2011: Google Realtime is no longer with us. Initially it seemed to be temporarily offline while under-bonnet tinkering happened and it was assumed it would be hooked up with Google+ however it now seems that Google is no longer accessing Twitter's stream as the deal ended on 2 July 2011. This isn't great.
I know I bang on about Google Realtime (originally called Google Updates) quite a bit - it seems to be our best option for finding old tweets and giving us a sporting chance of capturing something, now that it's becoming increasingly difficult (unless you're a researcher) to download or archive hashtagged tweets.

Google Realtime is a dual functioning tool which lets you watch tweets as they come through (live) but also allows you to scroll backwards and see tweets from as far back as March 2010. Not bad at all.

Hopefully, a video mp4 thing that I created with Screencast-O-matic (it's free) will appear below. I've checked the sound and it's perfectly listenable with the volume up a bit but it's not perfect. I'm embarrassed to admit I don't know where the microphone is on my new mini laptop... oops.

See also the 'threaded conversations' bit in this post I wrote previously about Realtime and my post on How to find old tweets.


  1. I exported it from Screencast-O-matic as an mp4 but also had the opportunity to save it as an .flv (flash video) or .wmv (windows media video). Wonder if that makes any difference to the quality - if you make it full screen it's a bit fuzzy - or if that's down to the sizing options I chose for it.

  2. I say in this that it's become no longer possible to download hashtagged tweets. This is probably the official view from Twitter, but have a look at SearchHash to see how to do this, with ease.

    On the right hand side of this page there are two posts in the Useful posts section and the one named "A list of tools..." is a good bet, it also lists several others.


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