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Sunday, 11 September 2011

A super magic editable spreadsheet for UK science festivals from @lulucrumble

Last Wednesday I tried to find a list of UK science festivals, couldn't find the list I thought I'd made myself so asked Twitter and moments later @arlloyd pointed me to this one: which is pretty comprehensive.

A few other people expressed an interest in hearing more about and collaborating on keeping such a list updated (a Twitter-mediated distribution of labour with others contributing updates etc in a crowdsourcing way) and then @lulucrumble mentioned that she had an incomplete table / spreadsheet of some of the bigger UK festivals with deadline dates that she's been working on.

She's sent it to me and given me permission to share it. It's incredible. It's not just a list of some important festivals but she's managed to do something utterly unknown to me which is to add in an equation that will tell you, when you open it, whether or not you're about to miss the deadline. I can make columns add up and that's about it. I am in awe :-)

This also means that Excel knows what day it is today, does anyone else find that a bit unnerving ;)

Get the file
The original file can be downloaded here from my Dropbox account (publicly viewable, not publicly editable) and if anyone wants to play around with a Google Docs editable version, that's here (publicly viewable and editable).

Note that the two files are now different formats (uploading an .xls to Google Docs lets you save it as a Gdocs format which I've done) as well as having different content as soon anyone makes a change to it.

Thanks to the following for their input @JamieBGall, @endless_psych, @jimbobthomas, @amyplatypus, @Dalradian and of course @arlloyd and @lulucrumble

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