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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Science communication jobs in Europe - where to find info?

The ScicommJobs Posterous blog and accompanying Twitter feed occasionally has a job that's outside of the UK but mostly they're in London / UK because that's where I live and so that's what I tend to hear about or look for.

Is anyone doing a project that's similar to mine but in different countries around the world? I'd be keen to link up our respective scicomm jobs blogs in some sort of networking fashion.

Anyway I've been asked by someone from outside the UK where they can hear about jobs that are specifically in Europe. Do you have some helpful suggestions to add to mine?

1. Pick a country you like the look of and make a note of their scientific institutions, universities, museums, industries, government bodies etc and investigate their vacancies pages. That's pretty much what I began doing here: Science Communication Vacancies Pages.

2. Find out where jobs are advertised (eg newspapers, jobs sites, mailing lists that cover a particular geographic area). This will also help you find out more resources for (1).

3. Embassies might be a useful resource although to be honest I don't really know how they work. If you are French and want to work in Italy then I wonder if the Italian Embassy in France can help you - perhaps not with finding you a science communication job but certainly with practicalities. We also have the British Council which promotes British talent and expertise around the world. I'm assuming there are equivalents for other countries, in different countries. 

So... if you wanted to work in science communications in a European country - where would you start to get an idea of the scicomm landscape there?

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  1. For France there is a website for sharing links and articles about "la culture sciencetifiqueet technologique" (what they call sci comms. It's called Knowtex.
    That might be a good place to start for jobs, certainly to find out about the "landscape" as you say.


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