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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

List of basic Freeview channels

As an example of filial piety I am providing my dad with a list of the best (OK bit subjective) Freeview channels and their numbers. In case it might be useful to you or your parents or other family members, feel free to pinch the below and format as you choose. I might add channel icons in a later version.

What I'd like is to print it, laminate it and blue tack it somewhere handy.

#    Channel        Notes
1    BBC One
2    BBC Two
3    ITV 1             33 = ITV 1 +1
4    Channel 4      13 = Channel 4 +1
5    Channel 5      44 = Channel 5 +1
6    ITV 2             27 = ITV2 +1
7    BBC Three
9    BBC Four
10    ITV 3
11    Pick TV
12    Dave
13    Channel 4 +1
14    More 4
15    Film 4
16    Yesterday
24    ITV 4
25    Dave ja vu
27    ITV 2 +1
30    5*
31    5 USA
33    ITV 1 +1
44    Channel 5 +1
80    BBC News 
81    BBC Parliament

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