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Monday, 14 January 2013

Whole Lotta Sole / Stand Off - my friend's film is available soon :D

**Watch the film / On-demand (US)**
Whole Lotta Sole / Stand Off by Terry George is now available on demand in the US (as of 22 Jan)

As is often the way with films the one my friend Amanda H is in (Whole Lotta Sole) is now going under the name Stand Off in North America. It's even got a groovy new poster (the one in the middle) which I've pinched off the web, oops. The one on the right is for New Zealand.

In the poster on the left Amanda's below Colm Meaney, with a crossbow - she means business.

It's great fun and I went to see the European premiere in June last year in Belfast (where it was filmed) and the Waterfront was packed with an enthusiastic crowd, most of whom seemed to know someone involved in the film's production. There's a clever story with lots of subplots woven together and although the posters don't give the game away really it's a comedy, and hilarious.

Since then it's shown in a few film festivals in the US including the Hamptons Film Festival. It's shortly to be shown at the Mostly British Film Festival in San Francisco (as Stand Off) on 22 Jan and the Rialto Cinema in Tauranga, New Zealand is showing it for a week, starting this Thursday 17th (as Whole Lotta Sole - dates and timings below).

It's also scheduled to be available on video-on-demand, have a theatre release in the US (not sure about international yet) and also have the DVD / Blu-Ray released on 26 March (US version).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that (a) it shows in cinemas in London or if it doesn't that (b) a UK region DVD becomes available and then I can try and see if I can hire a cinema screen in London (people do it all the time!) and get permission to show it and get Amanda to give a speech or something, or we can all just drink lots of wine and eat canapes :)

Anyway, lots going on, which is rather exciting.

Whole Lotta Sole / Stand Off, directed by Terry George (who co-wrote it with Thomas Gallagher) with Brendan Fraser, David O'Hara, Colm Meaney, Yaya Alafia (formerly DaCosta) Martin McCann, Conor MacNeill, Emma Hamilton, Michael Legge, Jonathan Harden, Marie Jones, Rupert Wickham, Amanda Girvan, Mary McCrossan, Amanda Hurwitz and Hugh McLaughlin. Nick Emerson edited it, Des Whelan filmed it and Foy Vance created the music and sang it :)

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