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Saturday, 20 April 2013

I love blogpost comment spam - this is from very poor article-spinning algorithms

It's often very, very easy to spot a spam comment - and it's made an awful lot more easy when spammers try and throw several comments at once. Admittedly any one of these by itself would ring spam warning bells (some spam comments are better formatted and aren't as immediately obvious) but taken together I find them rather delightful.

Someone somewhere has written a basic sentence and then its text has been modified (probably automatically) by swapping words around to create an almost-infinite number of versions - this is 'article spinning' though it goes under different names too.

It's been used as a quick way of creating "fresh" website content to get round Google's disdain for obviously duplicated websites, although I think Google has toughened up on this. Far be it from me to imply that all badly written incomprehensible articles on the web are spun articles but if they're selling something I think that increases the likelihood.

Article spinning makes me think of  a combination of linguistics and cryptography (how easy is it to take these sentences and back-translate to work out the original text), and to a lesser extent, genetics (substitutions / mutations).

Here's my latest crop of spam comments.

1. ShowGarden offers the unreduced Subsistence tidy sum after our household and commercial customers. With resolution packages starting from as toy as e30 you can be subjected to that masterly manicured garden recompense less than you think. We self-confidence in 100% consumer happiness is a minimum.

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3. ShowGarden offers the concluded Sustentation box a substitute alternatively of our housekeeper and commercial customers. With sustention packages starting from as toy as e30 you can get that educated manicured garden after less than you think. We assurance in 100% personally fulfilment is a minimum.

4. ShowGarden offers the unabridged Sustentation enclose for our household and commercial customers. With sustentation packages starting from as petite as e30 you can force that prompt manicured garden with a view less than you think. We believe 100% chap fulfilment is a minimum.

5. ShowGarden offers the unabated Persistence case for our house-broken and commercial customers. With upkeep packages starting from as little as e30 you can have that professional manicured garden in place of less than you think. We credit 100% customer satisfaction is a minimum.

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