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Monday, 1 April 2013

On a post can you 'reprime' the autopost-to-Twitter function?

Thanks to Posterous shutting down I now have several of my blogs at and I must say I'm very happy with them in their new home. One thing that I've not worked out how to do relates to the autopost function.

If you link your Wordpress blog to your Twitter account then when you draft a new post there's an automatic thing set in place (which you can disable for individual posts of course) that will, once you press publish, publish a note about your post to the relevant Twitter account. You can also edit the tweet that will be sent (by default it's the title plus the link to the published post).

This means that for each post you get one tweet sent through the blog's linked Twitter account. How can I arrange things so that I can send out another tweet from the linked Twitter account?

It's easy for me to copy and paste the post's title and URL and send it from *my* Twitter account but I want it to come from a different one (eg @ScicommJobs).

On Posterous if you were logged in you could hover over any post you'd written and click the Autopost link - this would send a tweet not from your own account (eg I'd be logged in to Twitter as @JoBrodie) but from the appropriately linked account (@ScicommJobs).

I'd like to be able to do this on the Wordpress blogs - is is possible? Does it involve a widget or is it not possible with the basic blog hosting, as opposed to the self-hosting business?

Just to be absolutely clear about the different types of tweets
1. Re-sending an autopost from through the Twitter account that is linked to it rather than my main Twitter account - that's the one I'm after
2. 'Tweet this' - which lets anyone send a tweet about a blog post, through whatever Twitter account they're logged in with (I'm not interested in that).


  1. I have a account and three twitter profiles. One profile is my personal one, @EpiRen, where I tweet about science and such. @RunRen is where I interact with runners and other athletes, and post my wordpress blog posts about running and fitness. @Pacomentario is my Spanish twitter feed.

    I have one wordpress blog at Depending on the category, helps me tweet accordingly. I just get the RSS feed for each category and use twitterfeed to auto post from that feed to the appropriate twitter account.

    Maybe that can help you?

    1. Thanks Ren - a third-party app is always an option but I can't help thinking that Wordpress might have thought about this and supplied that function. Posterous did, so it surprises me that they don't (or that I've not found it).


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