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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Lovely film music from David Holmes / The Free Association - Code 46

I remember watching the film Code 46 (with Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton) and making my friends rewind the DVD at the end so that I could see who had made the music for it - David Holmes and The Free Association.

It's a dystopian (well, utopian for some) film about governmental genetic oversight and the severe penalties in place to prevent inappropriate genetic mixing in a futuristic world where clones exist.

David's music for the end of the film kicks in at about 2.38 in the clip below, after Coldplay. (If the video doesn't work you may have to watch it on YouTube). The track is called Inside / Outside.

And here's some more from earlier in the film, it's a track called Shanghai.

Lovely stuff.

With Foy Vance he also created the music for Terry George's Oscar-winning short film The Shore (Foy Vance also worked with Terry again more recently to create the score for his film Whole Lotta Sole).

Here's one of the tracks used in The Shore...

...and there's lots of information on this page about the soundtrack for Whole Lotta Sole.

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