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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Woolwich sur mer - the delights of the Royal Docks for plane spotting

Royal Victoria Dock runs alongside the Excel Centre and at the end of it there are two perimeter fences keeping you well away from London City Airport, which sits next to Royal Albert Dock. The Victoria Dock is on the final approach and reasonably small aircraft come thundering in to the airport at a brisk 5.5 degrees instead of a flatter 3 at Heathrow.

You can get up close to the perimeter fence which has a stetch of raised lighting at one section, leading towards the runway (and perfectly aligned with it). If you stand there and look up you'll get a fantastic view of the aircraft going overhead. Between the Victoria Dock and the perimeter fence is the underpass for the Connaught Bridge, that's where I was.

Here are a couple of videos I took. It was a lovely sunny day today so I pretended I was at the St Maarten airport, that's the one where massive aircraft whoosh over the heads of beachgoers from about 15ft before landing on the runway. I'd quite like to take some videos of that.

View Larger Map

On the bottom right quarter of the map above there's a slightly darker beige bit, that's the start of the runway. I was standing beneath / just outside of Connaught Bridge, facing towards the darker beige runway as aircraft came up the water on the left of the picture (that's Royal Victoria Dock), passed me overhead and then onto the runway with Royal Albert Dock on the aircraft's left.

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