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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Examples wanted by @ABSW: Impactful science journalism - specialist knowledge of science journalists

I have special dispensation from Bob Ward, who's on the ABSW (Association of British Science Writers) Committee, to post this on my blog for ease of sharing via Twitter :)

The Committee is collecting examples where specialist science reporters have covered a story (rather than 'Daily Mail Reporter') where that story has been of reasonable impact, although that's probably quite hard to define and measure.

I know a lot of people who do a bit of skeptical activism and blogging keep an eye on that sort of thing, especially in the arena of health reporting (which isn't identical to science reporting of course, but some conceptual overlaps and occasionally topic overlaps).

I haven't been collecting a list (which is so unlike me!) although I do seem to remember mooting something a few years ago (back in 2009) about collecting 'good' and 'bad' examples of science journalism, though not for the same reasons as the ABSW.

Anyway, if you have examples - let Bob Ward know, he's @ret_ward on Twitter (his other contact details are findable from the website in his Twitter bio) or email me and I'll pass anything on (I'm jo DOT brodie AT gmail DOT com).
"The ABSW committee is seeking to collect examples of impactful UK science journalism to use in promotional materials. The aim is to demonstrate how the specialist knowledge of science journalists not only leads to high-impact stories but also demonstrably serves the public interest. We hope the material will help us to build a higher and more positive profile for the profession.

I would be grateful if ABSW members could send me any examples of impactful UK science journalism that have been published or broadcast within the last five years. I am particularly interested in examples in which a science journalist or writer (rather than a general reporter or writer) was responsible for the story.

Please feel free to pass on this request to any non-members of the ABSW who you think may be able to help."

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