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Monday, 26 August 2013

There might be a #Sherlock prom next year, I'd be rather pleased about that

A few weeks ago I heard a piece of music from the TV series Sherlock played live by a great big orchestra in a great big hall. It was wonderful. I was surprised by how familiar the melody was (the piece was written especially for the concert) given that I've not really watched the television series - or rather I have, but haven't managed to make much sense of it yet.

Here are my sad little tweets about it, about a year apart, thanks to my Twitter archive.

It's one of those programmes that I expected to get into immediately - pretty much everyone on my Twitter feed raved about it, as did work colleagues and friends. I did try but didn't really get anywhere, so rather gave up. When I knew I was going to hear the music at the concert I hadn't assumed that I'd recognise it or have any particularly warm feelings towards it, so I was quite surprised by how at home I was with it. Since then I've listened to a fair bit of the series' music on YouTube and have been amazed at how much of it I knew already - I can't account for it, beyond the way that music from films and TV just seeps into you without you knowing about it.

Anyway as I looked at the concert-related tweets after the event a few of them were suggesting that there should be a Sherlock Prom which struck me as a brilliant idea - the music for the programme is lovely. There was an event this weekend in Edinburgh at which one of the composers was asked about the prom idea and it seems that there's a willingness to make it happen, which is fantastic.

I've collected a bunch of the tweets about it on Storify and am embedding them here.

If a Sherlock Prom sounds like something you'd like to go and see make sure you click 'Would you go to a Sherlock Prom?' and add your support via the Facebook page for it.

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