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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Free, London, 3.30pm, Wed 11 Dec - talk by Gravity special effects people @QMUL

It's now at 4pm!! (Today, Wednesday 11 December 2013)

Free, open to the public
- but please let Evangelos Sariyanidi (e.sariyanidi [AT] know if you're planning on coming as they might have to move rooms if it's a bit popular!

If you don't let Evangelos know you come at your own risk as it may not be possible to accommodate you :-)

See also (hat tip @pencilbloke)

Admittedly bit short notice but there's a talk tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday 11 December, 4pm) at Queen Mary University of London - details on how to find the venue at the end.

Richard Graham and Mark Hills, who took part in the making of the movie "Gravity", will give a talk on creating the 3D visuals for the critically-acclaimed blockbuster. Everyone who likes movies or is interested in visual effects is welcome!

Please find the synopsis of the talk below the details.

Date/time: Tomorrow (Wed, Dec 11th) at 3:30pm, approx. 1-1.5 hour excluding Q&A
Location: Computer Science (CS) building, room 3.01 (Bancroft road lecture rooms)

Alfonso Cuaron's remarkable blockbuster Gravity has been collecting enough stars from film reviewers to fill the galaxy it so devotedly depicts. It is, many say, the closest thing most of us will ever get to going into space.

But how were those stunning images made? By taking a film crew up 372 miles above the earth? In fact, those mesmerising images are almost all computer generated, planned and created by a 400-strong team of visual effects artists at Framestore in London.

Richard Graham (Visual Effects Producer on Gravity) and Mark Hills (Framestore's Head of Systems Development) will be speaking in detail about the challenge of creating Gravity's 3D visuals.

From its unique planning and three-and-a-half-year production to the hardware and software development and innovation, the talk will give an insight into how the team achieved 12-minute continuous shots set in zero gravity.  The talk will also include a Q&A, and is likely to contain spoilers; you're recommended to see the film first!

Getting there 
The nearest tube stations are Stepney Green [exit, turn left] or Mile End [exit, turn left but cross to the other side of the road]).

Buses 25 and 205 drop you off very close.

The road you're after is Bancroft Road which leads off Mile End Road. The entrance to the road from Mile End looks like this...

View Larger Map

...the entrance to the building [Bancroft Road Teaching Rooms] is shown below (click to enlarge and see where the pram is - the building is on the left just before the multicoloured green, yellow and black 'bridge'), go through the glass doors, take the lift to 3rd floor and follow signs to Lecture room 3.01. The card access to the room will be OFF so you'll be able to go straight through the doors leading from the lift to the lecture theatre without having to 'touch in' with a passcard :)

View Larger Map

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